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You’ve set up a search campaign - now enhance it with a relevant landing page

Going through the process of launching a search campaign can feel daunting, even when leaning on MDA for support and guidance. There’s keywords to think of, budget costs to consider, and more. With all of these pieces you’re sure to have a good search campaign, but you can elevate it from good to great by tailoring your landing page to work with your search ads.

When building out a complete search campaign, your landing page should work in concert with your ads. From a basic marketing perspective, ensuring your landing page is clearly tied to the ads you are serving is key to making sure anyone who clicks on an ad knows they’ve ended up in the right place. Your landing page should be relevant to the keywords you built into the search campaign. It should also clearly tie the ad copy to the landing page copy for clarity of marketing message. Your potential audience is expecting to get more information from clicking on an ad so you want to be sure to deliver on that expectation.

Search campaigns are great, but to ensure you’re empowering yourself to collect leads from those who are clicking your ads, make sure your landing page also has a lead generation form. It may be tempting to ask for multiple pieces of contact information, but studies show the longer of a form to fill, the less likely someone is to complete it. Keep the options simple - name, email, phone number. If they have clicked on your ad and taken the time to fill out the form, it’s a pretty safe assumption that they are interested.

Beyond the benefit of a stronger, more cohesive overall campaign, it can also benefit your budget. In the past, AdWords has given advertisers better CPC (cost per click) rates at auction for keywords that are relevant versus those whose keywords and landing pages aren’t cohesive. A better CPC can let you run a campaign for longer than initially expected and allow you to reach a larger audience.

If you’re struggling to write ad copy and landing page content that work together, MDA can consult with you on best practices and help you brainstorm the keywords that will work well for your campaign. With their advice, not only will you be able to stretch a search campaign budget further, you’ll also have a more attractive landing page to draw in prospective customers.

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