Out with the Old

Creating Intelligent
Digital Strategies

Why Choose My Digital Advertising?

At My digital Advertising we focus on our four pillars to build unbreakable bonds between us and our clients.

Unparalleled Communication

Automated reporting links, monthly project meetings, along with a dedicated marketing manager as a primary contact.

Transparency in all we do

You will never be in the dark with your marketing. Tracking on platforms, ROI per platform and most importantly proper expectations.

Highest standards of Quality

Most up to date design practices and digital strategies under your particular brand standards.

Intelligent and Well Rounded Strategies

Strategies that set your brand up for success. There is no one size fits all marketing plan. We look at all possibilities based on current assets, budgets, and much more.

My Digital Advertising -
The Core of Our Business

A strong digital strategy is more than the messaging, products, and platforms of which you market your brand. A company's digital strategy is about the Who, When, Where, Why and How.

Who - The Target Audience...Ideal Customer
When - Time of year/Messaging
Where - Your ads are seen ie. Online, Social Media
Why - Customer Journey
How - How much of a budget

Every modern business needs a strong online presence. At My Digital Advertising we specialize in working as an extension of your marketing department, creating memorable digital customer journeys to increase brand awareness, opportunities and sales.

Our Services.

A Must Have in Today's Marketing
Digital Ads

Display ads, social media, retargeting, programmatic/behavioral, device, and video targeting are our specialty.

TV Now Within Reach
Connected TV

TV Ads are within your reach! AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon FireTV are utilized to put your brand on TV’s where you want it.

Be Seen When Customers Search
Search Marketing

Full search Pay Per Click marketing, and Search Pay Per Click Retargeting with transparent budget placement and reporting.

Step Up Your Online Presence
Website Design

Templated designs for marketing campaigns, splash pages, and full custom UX/UI designs. Data information, lead generation, project management Ecommerce, and a step by step process

Lively Video and Stunning Graphics
Content Creation

Video creation, editing, and animation are our specialties. Best practice graphic design, along with info graphics and a vast image library.

Words that Inspire and Motivate

Social media posts, blogs, articles, scripts, and website content are some of the content writings we manage.