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Digital Advertising Basics

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising involves marketing to people using Internet-connected electronic devices, namely computers, smartphones and tablets. Digital advertising focuses on channels such as ads on social media, websites and apps to connect with prospects.

Why Should I Advertise Online?

Digital advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for business owners due to the wide reach of the internet. Digital advertising allows you to reach your customers where they! In order to have an overall effective marketing strategy, you must diversify the ways you reach buyers. Traditional mediums like postcards and billboards may be able to reach prospects, but you are missing out on one of the main benefits of digital advertising: promoting to your targeted market. Aside from the targeting aspect, digital advertising allows you to also see measurable results, increased website traffic, heightened brand awareness, cost flexibility and greater access to the millennial customer. If these aren’t reasons enough to advertise online, here is one more: Your competition is using online advertising to promote theirs. Each day that you don’t take advantage of advertising online is another day you are losing market share to someone who is.

Where Will My Ads be Shown?

Your ads will appear across the web on websites like ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, etc. Websites like these sell ad placements to advertisers to place their ads and be visible to visitors on their sites. Below are a few examples of websites that we target that sell advertising space:

Why am I Not Able to See My Ad?

Because the ads are being targeted to specific audiences who are searching to buy or sell a home, moving, etc, you may not fall into any of those segments who would be able to see the ad. If your ad was being displayed to you, that would signify that the ad was not targeted to the correct audience.

I am not Getting any Leads/Phone Calls From my Ad...

When it comes to display advertising, most people are expecting leads, leads, and more leads. However, like most advertising, leads are a secondary byproduct that can happen, will happen, but don’t always happen. What you can definitely expect is indirect leads," thorough branding, visibility, engagement which are byproducts of digital ads. Those clicks from the ads are people sharing the website with others, word of mouth, branding and recognition, researching, etc. The indirect leads can and will build up, and typically when someone is ready they will reach out to you...but like with all advertising, that is never a guarantee.

Always remember this with digital advertising: your ad introduces yourself to new potential clients/customers who clicked on the advertisement and were provided your contact information. You are basically handing your business card to these people that are currently researching, interested, and could possibly buy/sell a home in the very near future.

If your goal for advertising is solely leads then looking at your complete digital approach is a good idea. What are your KPI’s, writing down your short and long term goals for your marketing is always a good idea. If you are just starting our having a good mixture of digital strategies is a good idea. Search mixed with PPL, mixed with display and social media advertising is a good method. Heavier on the search and PPL in the beginning, and sliding more to the brand recognition advertising once you have established it. Our best advice is to always have a solid strategy, follow it, and make small adjustments with the main long term goal alway at the forefront.

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