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Connected TV

What is Connected TV or CTV

Have you ever wanted to reach a television audience but could not justify the crazy cost of advertising on TV? Now it is possible in a convenient and cost effective way. CTV advertising is a technique to show ads on TVs that are connected via the internet and access content beyond what is available through the normal cable services.

CTV examples include:

With CTV advertising, you can reach TV viewers that advertisers can’t reach without traditional TV commercials. As viewers of all ages turn to CTV services, there are new opportunities for your advertising to target and align with key audiences with pinpoint specific targeting with your strategic brand messaging.

The ability for your brand to reach people when relaxing at home has changed the dynamic of marketing budgets across the world. CTV is so new that only 20% of the ad inventory is accounted for. That being said the projected ad spend for 2021 is around 900 million up from 550 million in 2020. Just like in the stock market if you have an opportunity to buy when supply is outpacing demand you can get a great price. This will not be the case for long with ConnectedTV.

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