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What is Retargeting

2%, that's right 2% of consumers make a decision to buy/hire on the first visit to a website. 98% of potential customers gather outside information or find a better deal elsewhere.

What are you doing to win the other 98%?

You’ve already executed the push through your social media, PPC, and behavioral/contextual targeting campaigns. You’ve done the hard work of getting them to your site through ads, blogs, and viral posts. How can you pull them back in to keep the conversation going? ,

Learn how to turn a large percentage of the 98% of people into customers with Retargeting on multiple platforms.

Much conversation today has been about the fact that Google is no longer allowing third party cookies. The reality is that two of the three most popular browsers in the world are currently not using third party cookies in Safari, and FireFox, and it has not slowed retargeting down. Retargeting in some way, shape or form will always be available. It may not be in a cookie format, but may transform and reappear as first party data, or device focused. My Digital Advertising continues to be a leader in the industry, developing new and unique techniques to continue to grow the ever changing digital landscape. ,

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