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Website Design

Why is Website Design Important?

Everything starts with your website. Your business website must be the hub or nucleus of your digital marketing structure. It’s the basic building block of your online marketing campaigns, and the foundational piece of your strategy. Regardless of the type of website you have, Informational, Ecommerce or Lead Generation, what matters is how, and what traffic you drive to your website.

When you speak to a firm that only creates websites they will tell you the three options. MDA considers only two to be viable options, Lead generation, and Ecommerce. Even if you are supplying information you still want to turn that information gathering into a lead. Getting the information before supplying the ebook or article is paramount to being able to control the customer journey. Gathering data through your website so you can do direct marketing is crucial now that privacy marketing is here to stay.

KPI’s drive the decision making process for what the website needs to achieve, and what digital marketing strategies will be most effective. With our expert team of developers and designers we can create the website your company needs.

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