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Search Marketing

Pay Per Click ads or PPC is nothing new, but is a very Effective method of starting and controlling the information flow of your customer journey strategy.

As people are searching for additional information on the product or service you offer, your company will continually pop up showing the prospective lead that you are a leader in the industry.

This type of retargeting will not go away when Google stops accepting third party cookies. Google is the main search engine of choice for people, so this type of marketing will remain a very popular marketing tool to stay in front of low hanging fruit customers.

The advantage of PPC is that it can generate a lot of qualified traffic to your website if properly done. An essential and effective piece of any marketing strategy.

Search (PPC) Retargeting

Search (PPC) Retargeting is exactly like regular search targeting with one major difference. Search Retargeting serves PPC ads directly to the people that have visited your website.

The big difference, Search Retargeting (PPC) can be 65% cheaper than standard PPC

This product is a perfect pair with display retargeting and social media retargeting. Placing ads across all platforms in front of people that have already shown interest in your product or services by visiting your website.