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Retargeting is one of the most commonly sought after topics in digital marketing. With retargeting, brands can keep captured leads and turn stale leads into tangible sales opportunities.

For small businesses, retargeting is an invaluable digital marketing method that can help to make the most out of a small budget. It can allow businesses to be smarter about how they market and focus on customers that have shown interest and how they can guide these interested individuals into real conversions. Rather than relying on blanketed ads with a blind hope that you will gain customers, retargeting provides a more proven and reliable method for improving sales numbers and focusing on promising leads.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the process of sending out targeted ad campaigns to customers that have already initially participated with your brand online somehow. This could have been through signing up for an email list, engaging with social media pages, or simply visiting your website. The process of retargeting involves putting out content that is made specifically for this audience with the goal of bringing them to the eventual conversion.

For example, many brands will track their shopping cart pages, so they can target those who abandon their shopping carts. These remarketing strategies can be an invaluable way to boost the relevance and personalization of the ads that you send out.

Creating the Boomerang Effect with Retargeting

When retargeting is done successfully, you can have ads that are going out to attract new and opportunistic customers and another set of ads that are automatically distributed out to those who have engaged in your initial campaigns in some shape or form. This creates a boomerang effect that, if done properly, can keep customers relevant to your brand engaged and informed.

With retargeting technology, smart and creative strategies can help to re-engage an interested individual across sites they visit and devices they use. The technology then shows ads to that person based on what it already knows about their interests.

For example, if the person visited your product or service page didn’t buy it, a unique ad is sent out to retarget them. This ad might display the same property and offer a discount or reward offering, or may present some new information that hadn’t been presented before that is meant to entice them just that little bit further in order to push them to the purchase.

When retargeting is done right, it can be a powerful strategy that keeps your target audience engaged and turns opportunities into sales. The trick is getting creative and employing unique strategies that are designed to push them over the edge of curiosity into action.

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