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What is Paid Search Advertising?

By building a campaign around keywords your desired audience is likely to use to find a product, you are able to tailor a campaign based on what potential customers may be typing into a search engine. Search ads grab the attention of your targeted audience at the right time when the product is top of mind. It is quick to implement, and provides clear, measurable ROI to gauge success and course-correct during a campaign. Though you only pay when someone clicks your ad, paid search also raises brand awareness by exposure to the ads - even when not clicked.

What is Search Remarketing?

Search remarketing aims to re-engage individuals who have already had some form of interaction with your brand and products. Search remarketing is highly targeted and personalized. Since an audience member has already had some exposure to your brand or products, conversion rates are higher because of the recall. Higher conversion rates in turn lead to faster ROI and a lower cost per acquisition..

What is Search Remarketing?

Both paid search advertising and search remarketing are effective at getting your message or product in front of your desired audience at the right time when it will be top of mind. Paid search can be very expensive and competitive - you are bidding against other companies for those keywords. If you want to do paid search well, be prepared to invest the money.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to make the investment in a paid search campaign, search remarketing can be just as effective. You can still target strategic keywords but at a fraction of the cost of a paid search campaign. This may be especially helpful if you have a product or service with a longer sales cycle where someone will not be making a purchase decision after the first visit to your website. With search remarketing, you’re able to keep top of mind as a potential customer continues to research products or services.

Ideally, a paid search advertising and search remarketing campaign would go hand in hand for the most efficient strategy. Draw your targeted audience to your site with paid search advertising, and then remain relevant with search remarketing. However, if budget or other constraints don’t allow, focus your efforts on search remarketing. Search remarketing will compliment other online marketing efforts, and ensure your product or service is at the forefront of potential customer’s minds.

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