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Push your brand with Behavioral ads

Behavioral ads are great for reaching a large group of your target audience. Based on keywords, online activity, and other factors you’re able to cast a wide net in hopes that more people see your messaging and want to learn more about you and your business. Getting the ads served is the first step, and then having a compelling enough call to action, or CTA, to entice someone to click on your ad is the next step.

But the overall strategy behind a digital advertising campaign shouldn’t stop there. Behavioral ads push a message out to your audience but if you don’t continue the process it could stop there. Even if someone is curious enough to click on your ad and navigates to your landing page, they could still stop right there. It’s not that it isn’t still good. It’s exposure, it’s raising awareness of your brand and messaging. But it isn’t collecting leads for you or helping you gather information on interested customers. That’s why when you push an ad out, you also need to pull the interested parties back in.

Retargeting ads pull customers back in to your brand

For a more effective digital advertising campaign, don’t stop with just behavioral ads. It’s no secret people bounce around from site to site online, sometimes accidentally closing something out or forgetting the name of a product they were interested in learning more about. Don’t let those who express interest slip through the online cracks - pull them back in with retargeting ads.

Once you’ve gotten someone to navigate to your landing page, you can consider them interested. But without them taking action - filling out a form, requesting a quote - there isn’t much you can do to try and work that lead. If they navigate away, they could be lost and never end up back on your site.

f you’re using retargeting ads, however, you can make sure they don’t forget about you. With a tweaked CTA to remind them they want to take action and a stronger compulsion to return to your site, you have better chances of collecting information on interested parties. Behavioral ads are great at drumming up interest, but the retargeting ads are the bug in the ear of an interested prospect. By seeing your ad continue to show up as they navigate their favorite sites days later, they’ll have a hard time forgetting they wanted to go back and learn more about you.

With MDA’s guidance, you can be sure your campaigns are optimized, feature compelling content, and don’t let your larger audience slip away without being pulled back in.