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Use that traffic to meet your audience where they’re spending their time

It’s not surprising that social media traffic jumps during the holiday season. People are reaching out to get updated addresses for Christmas cards, seeing who might have a tip on how to find a hot ticket item, and sharing pictures of their holiday feasts and decorations. With all that extra content being posted, it drives more users to visit social media to keep connected.

In fact, there is a 73% spike in traffic on social media sites over the holidays. With long lines, slow traffic, and waiting for a picture with Santa, pulling a smartphone out to pass the time keeps people sane this time of year. It also presents you with an opportunity to take advantage of that increased social media traffic.

Social media is a great channel to reach holiday shoppers and can be cost effective

The tools built into social media platforms allow you to easily set budgets for yourself, so you’re not spending more than you’re comfortable with. However, they also give you the flexibility to increase your ad spend if you find a particular ad is performing well for you. Especially during the holidays when traffic is at a yearly high, you’re going to reach larger audiences, and faster, including some who may not have seen your ads yet because they are infrequent users of social media.

If you have goods or services people will be looking for as gifts this season, be sure to use that in your ad strategy. Whether you can guarantee shorter lines, free local delivery, or a sale price no one can beat, you want to lead with what will get people’s attention most this time of year. Consumers are already scouring the internet for the best gifts, recipes, and more, so you may as well take the opportunity to showcase your offerings too.

If you’re concerned about running your business during the holiday rush, while also managing your social media ads and budget, the experts at Direct Local can help remove that stress. Work with them to establish which platforms will be the best use of your advertising dollars and trust them to manage your social media campaigns. With their guidance, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of increased holiday traffic without adding the stress of another task.

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