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Your keywords dictate how well your campaigns will perform

When focusing on specific products or services, you want to consider not just the obvious keywords but ones that may be product-adjacent. If your product features technical terms you include as keywords, you may also want to consider trying out keywords that might be how someone without that technical knowledge would try searching for your product.

For example, you may offer lactose-free ice cream. But someone looking for that may not necessarily think to type “lactose--free” and instead may try “dairy-free.” You don’t want to expand your keywords so far that they are no longer relevant to the specific product you are advertising, but you want them to be inclusive enough that you are getting your ads in front of audiences they will be most relevant for.

Ad groups will improve campaign quality

The way in which your group your keywords can impact performance as well. Since a product can have multiple features that you may want to focus on, you’ll want to use ad groups - groups of related keywords - to prevent any confusion from all keywords being grouped as one.

If you run a bakery that specializes in gluten free, keto, low carb, and vegan offerings you’re going to want to be sure to include those keywords in your campaigns. However, you might also want to include your famous buttercream frosting, pizza rolls, and other goods that might seem at odds with your other keywords. By using ad groups you can use all relevant keywords, while avoiding confusion between them. It helps the performance of your campaign while also ensuring you are able to highlight the features you think your potential customers are most likely to be searching for.

It may sound like a hassle to think through groupings and alternate keywords, but by implementing these in your campaigns it helps you have better ad relevance and helps your ads be shown in more favorable positions. By consulting with MDA experts, they can help take the guesswork out of keywords and ad groups and help set up your campaigns for optimal performance.

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